Welcome to the official website of the most advanced mental health hospital Deer Park. We are here to provide various professional services to people who are struggling with mental problems.

Healing people who are having mental health problems was one of our first goals from the start and we will never stop pursuing it. Each year, we get more and more people are using our services.

Becoming the Worlds best mental health hospital is a goal that we have set for us right from the beginning because that motivates us to be better than other hospitals.

Improving Services is a goal that we must have if we want to become the World best mental health hospital. Therefore, we want to be able to provide the highest quality services for our patients.

What We Do

Here are some the main services that you can find in Deer Park mental hospital.

Group Therapy is designed for people that are not comfortable sharing their feelings and experiences alone. For those people, we have a specialized group therapy where they can share with other people that have the same or similar issue.

Family Therapy as you might guess is designed for families specifically. There are a lot of families that have some type of issues that bother them, and this therapy will help them get over that issue.

Consultations are a big part of what we do because they allow us to evaluate a person that comes through our doors. Not everyone who walks in needs to actually stay here, there are a lot of people who misjudge their mental state. Often they are just suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and can be referred to a place such as Ridgefield Recovery in Washington

Individual Therapy is designed for people who have issues that can be easily solved by a personal talk with a therapist. If the patient feels comfortable talking about their problems alone, then this service is perfect.

Why Call us

If you are thinking of visiting a mental health hospital to deal with your mental issues, then you don’t have a better option than to call us. Let us explain to you why with us, you will get only professional hospital care that cannot be compared with any other hospital. We have a professional team of doctors working here who have dedicated their entire life to helping out others. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of mental health services for everyone. this allows our patients to get the best treatments and therapies that they actually need in order to fix their issues.

Our Team Experts

Here you will be able to learn more about some of our most qualified doctors.

Mark Sumner

Mark Sumner

Mark is one of the first doctors that we have hired, and he has been with us through the whole journey. During this time, he has been working with various patients and healing their mental illness.

Sarah  Child

Sarah Child

Sarah is a very important part of our team because she is the doctor that who oversees all the group therapies that we provide to our patients. She always gets a lot of positive feedback from our patients, everyone loves working with her.

Cloe Hayes

Cloe Hayes

Cloe is one of the youngest doctors that we have, but that doesn’t mean that she is not qualified to deal with mentally ill people. She has dedicated more than half of her life to medicine and she has been having a lot of success.

Josh Helfrich

Josh Helfrich

Josh is also a doctor that we have hired right at the start because we knew right away that he is one of a kind and that we will need his special skills. His special skills are his connection with little kids, he is responsible for some of the family therapies.

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